Let get started with some clear definitions, before we begin.

Cognitive computing: A self-learning system that imitates human brain functions such as learning, reasoning, understanding, and interacting.

Robotic Process Automation Technology: A technology that duplicates manual, repetitive rule-based processes across various applications which are typically legacy.

When meanings are clear, the advent of the automation industry in the marketplace can be well comprehended.

Today, modern product manufacturing and design companies invest in robots in the workforce.

By automating repetitive operational processes, this technology has cleared the path for organizations to customize routine back and middle office operations which increases efficiency, and cuts down costs, significantly.

Current status of Robotic Process Automation Companies

Over time, robotic process automation technology has turned out to be a trending topic creating waves across the industry. Programming software robots to run a routine business process that was manually performed and often took longer than it should is alluring to IT and business owners alike.

Joining hands with Cognitive Computing is a definite step towards the evolution of robotic automation.

Benefits of Cognitive Computing for Robotic Process Automation Companies

By infusing cognitive computing power with robotic process automation solutions, companies can increase their automation efforts to sincere levels.

By mingling robotic processes with cognitive technologies (like speech recognition, machine learning, and natural language processing), robotic process automation companies mechanize high-order jobs that require some perceptual and decision-making capabilities. An amalgamation of process automation software with neural nets gives birth to robotic and cognitive automation.

No wonder experts’ term robotic process automation as the ’killer app’ for cognitive computing.

How Cognitive Computing contributes to Robotic Process Automation Companies

Here is a list of applications where robotic process automation companies can make a striking difference by integrating cognitive computing in their modus operandi.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare management systems can take data from social media platforms (Twitter feeds or Facebook posts) to evaluate the spread of any disease during an outbreak. Using social data, one can find out the symptoms. Also, Natural Language can be used to find out which social media post is talking about a particular ailment. Such analysis can help healthcare providers to take proactive steps.

  • Better decision making

    While recruiting, executives are loaded with thousands of applications. Identifying the best candidate is like finding a needle in a haystack, and simple robotic process automation solution will not make it. Robotic and cognitive automation can change this by using linguistic analytics and personality theory from the application and analyzes the characters pointing out the red flags. This information will aid the managers to zero in on the right candidate and say goodbye to simple intuition forever.

  • Banking

    n the world of banking, where customer satisfaction determination ranks top of the list, simple robotic process automation technology will not be enough. Further, robotic process automation companies nod to the fact that only by injecting cognitive analysis to automated systems will it be possible to determine whether the right questions are being asked of customers or not. Of course, this will be the only path to guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

  • The human assistance

    Organizations rely on cognitive technologies to evaluate the information from customers, in the form of email, letters, or other modes of communication. If employees are allowed to interact with clients and conduct a sentiment analysis, customer satisfaction will receive a significant boost. Only with the help of robotic and cognitive automation, some crucial tasks that require human touch can be automated.

Robotic Process Automation Companies and Cognitive Computing go hand-in-hand

It is safe to say that information technology, as a sole thriving industry has come a long way, with the record of drastic changes in its journey. Although robotic process automation technology is universally accepted, especially in the IT sector (with open arms), it’s high time that Machine Learning is incorporated in the process. And the guaranteed result- a position in the market above your peers.

If you too wish to embark on robotic and cognitive automation, it is highly advised to prepare a roadmap that is flexible and prioritizes the processes to be automated.

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