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As organizations across industries confront significant economic uncertainty, disruptive technology and variable marketing dynamics, CXO’s and business leaders are constantly looking for engagement models that are predicted to obtain measurable results. That’s where BPA players like Quosphere step in and develop customized outcome-based solutions based on mutually-agreed metrics including and not limited to SLA (Service Level Agreement), KPI (Key Performance Indicators), SLO (Service Level Objectives).

Striking an outcome-managed relationship entails business managers to use vendor management resources, freeing them from managing teams and focusing on higher order benefits beyond cost-savings. Quosphere has been perfecting this outcome-based model in the global marketplace, continuously meeting customer needs and demands.

Quosphere’s Proven Process
of Delivering Value

Partnering with Quosphere fosters a culture and relationship that improves ROI for business services and seamless delivery.

  • We provide the tools and platforms in automation that collaborate business users and IT workers who deliver automation.
  • We liberate businesses from the constraints of legacy applications and pre-existing systems.
  • We enable organizations to design and streamline key business processes without any barriers.
  • We empower organizations to design, deploy and manage critical business processes irrespective of infrastructural hindrances.

Evolution of
Provider and Customer Relationship

Do it yourself

Inhouse/ Standalone Solution


Staff Augmentation Time and Materials

Managed Outcome

Value Driven/Creation Performance metrics and SLA

Well-suited engagement models for
Different Sourcing Options

The primary driver of outcome based commercial models is the scope of work and process characteristics. This model allow customers to focus on business outcomes rather than resources, processes and technologies which Quosphere specializes in managing. Inputs and outputs are standardized, helping customers optimize their budgets without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Key elements in engaging in such models with Quosphere are:

  • Quosphere has the capability to decompose or modify processes in the scope of work to impact the business outcome of the customer.
  • Quosphere is able to tightly define the scope of work to make the outcome-based project successful and outperform the customers competitors.
  • Quosphere focuses on creating a delivery model where the work outcome provides value to its customers.

Use Cases

01. Finance and Accounting

Manage client’s accounts payable transactions ensuring that payments are prioritized, transactions are processed quickly and efficiently with minimal errors. The services provided ensure that all exceptions are managed on a timely basis using a case management tool. The net result was a 28% improvement in on-time payments and operational cost savings of 37%.

02. Procurement

Manage all indirect purchases under a $100k ensuring that all buys were either on contract or made after three quotes. Contract compliance was improved by 23% and the cost of operations declined by 42%.

03. Human Resources

Manage all payroll and benefit payments for client staff to ensure that all payments are timely and accurate. 100% of service levels were met and operational costs declined by 38%.

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