Quosphere is a global Digital Technology Solutions company for Fortune 1000 and SMB organizations. We specialize in transformative strategic consulting and offer domain centric solutions in the areas of data management, business intelligence, visualization, predictive & prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence. Acclaimed for our cutting-edge technical implementation of data science, data architecture and data engineering, we pride ourselves on being able to solve our client’s toughest data challenges.

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Repeat Business

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Innovation is in our genes. We are in the business of new and emerging technology and we believe innovation is the key to solve the technology problems for customers and employees alike.


Excellence is one value, that we imbibe in our daily rhythm. We are trying everyday from being able to deliver accurate solution to customer problems to a reliable and trusted partner and a dependable advisor.


We are in the business to support factual decision making and it requires us to have a high level of integrity in everything we do. We own up our failures and successes alike.


We constantly encourage all employees to empowerment and decision making this developing the skills for self- sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the bottlenecks which hinders dynamic decision making.


We believe in sharing accurate data and not withholding information with our customers, partners and employees alike.


We have a dedicated management team that is committed to the success of our clients. A brief profile of each individual on the team is shown below.

Kushal Jaiswal

Kushal is the founder, MD and Global CEO of Quosphere. He has successfully built Quosphere from just a one-member company to a team of 150+ employees, delivering innovative technology solutions. He has a deep understanding of how to help businesses grow exponentially & put together a winning strategy.

Ankur Parmar

Ankur has worked for a number of blue-chip companies including IBM, Wipro and Ariba. He has helped companies grow their businesses from the ground-up in the North American market. He is deeply familiar with business in Canada and the US and has an inbred spirit of open communication and entrepreneurship.

Ankush Shah

Ankush’s broad business experience and technical knowledge helped Quosphere incubate emerging technologies that provided outstanding business value. His team play a key role in innovating new technology platforms. He has recently been awarded the Pre - Sales person of the year among the Qlik Partners for 2018.

Manish Parmar

Manish is an experienced Sales Leader bringing 17+ years of experience working with names like IBM, Qlik, Teradata & Anaplan, covering a multitude of industry sectors across technology products and solutions. At Quosphere, he is responsible with solutions revenue growth by driving Sales and Account Management.

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