Global outsourcing & technology services provider

To generate robust business insights using automated MIS Reporting

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A non-profit organization

Enhancing data integration from multiple data sources for faster reporting and analysis

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A diversified Conglomerate

Strengthen the Sales efficiency through automated Sales cycle management

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Leading patent research and consulting firm

Customized Salesforce deployment to enhance Sales Process Efficiency

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A construction conglomerate

Allow faster data reporting and analysis with automation

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Third party transportation brokerage company

Facilitating business transformation with self-service BI and process automation

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A leading manufacturer of pharma products

Experiencing business agility with superior business intelligence reporting and data discovery

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A Global pharmaceutical company

Enhancing data analytics and report generation to generate greater Business Impacts

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A Leading consumer goods company

Allowing enterprise scale collaboration with intuitive visualization and dynamic data integration

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A Global procurement facilitator for tenders

Using Machine Learning to improve accuracy of classifying unstructured data

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A Leading Chemical Manufacturer

Using Advanced Analytics to improve manufacturing with process optimization

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