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As the digital era continues to recast the engagement rules, the future of AI is going towards making more informed decisions using conversational bots. Today we have a plethora of Bots and applications across a business landscape, giving a new problem of plenty - Fragmented workflows, poor User experience and security and configuration nightmares for IT teams. Today bots are very efficient in driving workflows and customer conversations, offering intuitive experiences.

From simple informational bots that can answer various customer queries to complex predictive ones leveraging NLP and NLG, we help large organizations and enterprises with a platform-based approach bot development or integrate with your existing ones for diverse and complex business use cases.

The Quosphere Advantage:
Bots Services

At Quosphere, we offer rich AI-enabled conversational platforms tailored to meet your needs. We offer the following services that help you harness the power of intelligent technologies and leverage it to gain market share.

  • Conversational Framework – Build robust cloud-based conversational applications for your business using machine learning, NLP, NLG, AI and more.
  • Chatbot integrationGet easy access to information with various 3rd party applications including your CRM, ERP, etc. at the back end or front end like Skype for Business or apps like Slack, messenger, etc.
  • Solution Integration – Rather than a Siloed approach, we’ve taken a holistic approach of combining RPA, some human intervention and BOTs combined with AI or redesigned some workflows to get the best results.
  • Conversational UX – For more human-like communication, create automated conversational interface for using NLP and ML.
  • Bots for multiple use cases - Build conversational assistants across diverse industries and business verticals improving customer experience and productivity.
  • Cognitive solutions - For detailed insights and informed decisions, we also help you develop intuitive conversational platforms infusing cognitive services.

How enterprises benefit from using
our conversational bots’ platform?

We have employed multiple AI-rich voice enabled chatbots across enterprises that generated instant ROI for their businesses. Using our conversational assistant platform, we have given enterprises a first-mover advantage with a family of intelligent virtual assistants across industries and functions. These bots are designed for instant deployment and offering the following benefits:

  • Simplify business processes by supplementing BI tools with question and answer approach to data and insights.
  • On-demand information accessibility to the field representatives round the clock
  • Enhance customer experience using contextualized interactions using NPL and NLG
  • Enhance user-flows and monitor conversations to optimize performance
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications to use it anywhere, anytime

Conversational Platform
Use Cases


One of the top 10 automobile manufacturers had a fragmented workflow across SAP, Success factors and human intervention adding to layers of process and delay.


We integrated with multiple source systems and introduced a conversational layer for users to interact with; as a single interface to help put in their leaves, approvals for managers while incorporating basic business rules for leave policies and reminders. With authentication built in, users could approve Purchase orders and workflows within the application giving their approvals in a single interface, with necessary approval and governance mechanisms built in.


Low User adoption for dashboards in the organization.


While there were reports and dashboards developed for the business to use, it was cumbersome for the users to get the information that they needed, more so while they were on the ground. Making sure that the dashboards were more visual and available on the go and as a conversational workflow, as you would regularly analyze your data and do reviews, asking one question after another, in the same context, drilling down or going across key KPI’s. The solution while was supposed to be for key people, is now being rolled out for the whole team of over 50.

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