Businesses are growing fast and their data volumes are growing even faster. With ever-hungry business applications and data mining to back insights and predictions, our dependence on a strong data strategy has gone up exponentially. Quosphere’s data management solutions ensure easy accessibility, management and deployment of your data-driven applications.

We offer best-in-class data management services that includes data processing, data architectures with data streaming, data lakes and hot/cold data strategy. We look at a holistic approach for the journey your data from inception to consumption leading to visualizations and predictions. Our in-depth technical competence along with the domain expertise in providing data strategy and management services to varied clients all over the world, makes us the right choice for you.

Quosphere specializes in systems, software and processes and successfully deliver data projects on time and with accuracy.


At Quosphere, we apply a suite of cutting-edge algorithms like Arima, Random Forest, Deep learning and many more to probe your data better. This focus puts your organization on a faster track to success by exploiting the best of our Predictive Analytics capabilities.

  • Master data management
  • System architecture design and development
  • Performance tuning
  • Database monitoring and management
  • Maintenance and health check
  • Upgradation and migration
  • Disaster recovery and planning
  • Replication and synchronization
  • Database backup and Recovery

Data Managment
Use Cases and Solutions


Customer had 15 different sources of information at different granularities all needed to be analyzed together.


We started with a top down approach of understanding what needs to be analyzed and at what frequency as apart from the variety of sources the data was of different granularities and not directly related to each other. Associations needed to be made to create a structure and then necessary mappings were created to analyze and mine this data for information.


The C-Suite Business vision was under execution, but were unclear to execute the same with a clear data strategy.


Quosphere Came up with a roadmap to align and augment the business growth with applications and a clear timeline with which business application or data set needed to be executed along with neutral options of which tools could be leveraged based on individual business needs. This was a tailored solution specific to the environment and requirements of that business rather than a template model for the industry.

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