Data is the power source for all business decisions. There are myriad types of useful data available using traditional reporting and analytics tools. The only possibility to visualize it and understand its relation better with any given location, can give your business a whole new competitive edge.

Only, with modern age Geo Analytics, we can use the data:

  • For visualization 
  • To unriddle location-related business complexities
  • To provide significant geospatial information
  • To reveal hidden geographic relationships for your business


At Quosphere, we work with you on the information journey, which will help you take the perfect business decisions in the face of complex problems.

By proving meaningful site-related business insights, our team helps our clients to:

  • Unravel significant geospatial information
  • Disclose hidden geographic relationships 
  • Determine viable store locations
  • Comprehend customer distribution of sales by zip code
  • Provides new context and perspective to data beyond tables and charts

Our Geo Analytics

Here are some case studies for your conviction.


One of our leading retail clients wanted to find out the next best store location of his business in California. The target was to maximize reach and boost revenue.


With our advanced Geo mapping capabilities on the organizational data combined with population density estimation, we provided the client with Sales Coverage and other important Sales KPI’ as crucial decision points for the perfect strategic location.


One of our esteemed media clients came to us with the challenge to help identify the clusters and hotspots in an area that can help segment and profile their customers better.


We combined Geospatial Analytics with other data sources to get demographic data like Socio Economic factors, Income levels, Regional coverage and other parameters relevant for the client. After classifying this data, it was run through a statistical tool to further segment this and provide the customer with actionable information.

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