Gone are the days when organizations would vouch that ‘its people’ are its most prized possession. The era of highly efficient tools and best working conditions that enable people to explore their potential is here.

Consistent with this, the term ‘self-service business intelligence technologies’, has become the favorite of business owners these days. If you are reading this blog, it is likely you are not getting what you need from your business data and are still looking for answers.

Unlike an unsuccessful carpenter who blames his tools, one should instead ask questions of its IT department for the data delivered. Perhaps, it is time to change your thinking.

While business intelligence reporting tools may sound new to your ears, you are by no means alone. Touted to be one of the fastest growing trends in business circles, more and more business managers are shifting gears with this intuitive form of business intelligence technology in an attempt to satisfy the company’s needs for out-of-the-box solutions. Does this sound good?

In today’s dynamic economic environment, where smarter and faster business decisions drive success, this form of business intelligence platform has taken the front seat.

Such a form of business intelligence technologyis nothing less than a sweet deal for the users, offering easy access to critical company information without the ‘hustle and bustle’.

The results are clear – companies are gaining a competitive edge and unlocking doors to new business opportunities.

Does this sound intriguing? Let’s dig deeper into the concept of self-service business intelligence to consider the relevance of this interesting solution within your organization.

What is Self-Service Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence companies believe in making processes streamlined and flexible for users to work around the data and use it to take strategic decisions for the company.

Tagged as an all-new approach to data analytics that paves the way for analysis of queries on business datasets beyond business intelligence analysts, self-service business intelligenceis more than what meets the eye. Empowering an extensive range of users with access to data analysis without data experts is the key element to its uniqueness.

This form of business intelligence reporting tool trims down the responsibilities of an expert from analyzing volumes of data on an ad-hoc basis to using the freed time to work on more substantial projects.

Why the need for Self-Service Business Intelligence has emerged?

Imagine an environment where data scientists effectively process mountains of data for business use and are at your disposal,

It promises a competitive advantage to businesses, with benefits such as insights formation, identification of trends and informed strategic decisions.

Until some time ago, this was merely a fantasy since there was a real lack of tools to develop and use the data.

Self -service business intelligence came into existence from the need to transform hordes of data into meaningful business insights that every user can make understand. To be precise, this form of business intelligence platform is a suite of tools endowed to data workers to yield quick, intuitive, and flexible data analysis and it may liberate business’ dependence on the IT department.

How about that!
How Self-Service Business Intelligence empowers the users?

More often than not, corporate decisions in many organizations do not find the backing of business intelligence technologies and analytics. The reason?

Lack of manpower in IT departments leads to slow access to business intelligence insights and data. However, the best business intelligence solution providers can come to your rescue with self-service business intelligence.

Here is a list of the points on how such business intelligence can empower a user, even a non-IT person, with meaningful and understandable data.

  • User-friendly and enhanced support for data analysis

    8 out of 10 managers lack the expertise and technical know-how to to run complex tools. Consequently, such managers start to stave off tools and eventually avoid using them altogether.

    This makes it all the more necessary to have an interface that managers can understand. Easy to use interfaces will further encourage managers to use enterprise business intelligence tool and take the lead in terms of their development and use. With intricate reports getting simplified, business reporting and analytics usage will accelerate, leading to increases in efficiency and empowerment of the user to acquire insights from the data.

  • User-friendly output

    Unclear representation of data is a nightmare for Managers leading to the wrong course of action that can drive business to a standstill.

    With the help of self- service business intelligence, companies that are equipped with data visualization mechanisms have the muscle power to process the data with ease. This paves the way for better informed decisions.

  • Trouble-free reporting and analysis with source data

    Whether you are an IT or a non-IT person, errors in reporting are bound to consume a significant portion of your time. Do you agree?

    Without understanding the situation, users rush to their IT department to address the issue. Not only is it time-consuming and wasteful, but it also does not yield the desired results. To prevent this ‘faux pas’, special enterprise business intelligence is needed to provide users with access to external data so they can generate reports at will.

    It should be noted that such reports can include unstructured data from various sources like social media or email.

  • Quick deploy and easy-to-manage

    For business intelligence users, the pace at which reporting, and data is accessed holds a higher ranking in the list of priorities. Any kind of impediment in data procurement is more likely to make the information outmoded.

    Only a scalable and quick interface that self-service business intelligence companies offer can meet the requirements. From various analytical workloads with high data volumes to deploying SaaS or cloud analytics, such form of business intelligence triggers effectiveness and eventually quicker decision-making.

Self-service business intelligence is the future of business data

Honestly speaking, there is no need for analysts in your office who are trying to fit your business data in a 120-page PDF that is full of complicated jargons.

Be it your sales figures, inventory, supply chain management or resources, the information about your business should be made available to you in a cogent language. Irrespective of your data requirements, self-service business intelligence is worth your every penny.

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