Businesses that can take a sneak-peak into their future establishments are more likely to explore viable options for better business strategies.

Reason-The concept of demo viewing of a website or an application enhances the development stages and saves financial investments effectually.

Quosphere upholds such notion by delivering advanced design and development for countless businesses. Our prototype versions of a website or mobile applications allow business owners to explore the physical representation of their business' ideas and concepts.

Our prototyping solutions help businesses to incur:

  • Ideas in raw form and in real time about their business proposals
  • Early stages of necessary UX improvements
  • Cheaper costs in comparison to the post-implementation phase where the written code could not be changed
  • Gathering feedback from users, since the project is in its developmental phase and necessary alterations can be done as per user preferences.
  • Easy demonstrations

A good Prototype is an early step
towards business excellence

Quosphere brings to you quick solutions in understanding how effectively your financial investments in business developmental projects look like.

Considering building prototypes early in the developmental process saves time and cost rather than the post-development phase where the invested money won't walk back to you, here are few pointers to choose Quosphere as your business solution provider:

  • Detailed analysis of the proposed business idea
  • Working on prototyping that would best suit the business idea
  • Noting down preliminary requirements from the scratch
  • Designing the prototype
  • Modifying UX designs as per new requirements
  • Finalizing the design from the clients’ approval

Overcoming Developmental Challenges Made Easier with
Quosphere Solutions


One of our retail clients was all geared up with his plan for new AI-driven software app for his business, but was not sure how to make the application work for maximum benefit.


Having enriched knowledge and in-grained experience in prototyping designs, we helped our client with:

  • Understand and note the requirements that the app had to offer
  • Initiated designing the application prototype
  • Integrated core elements that would contribute in the smooth running of the demo application
  • Tested user interface and user experience to grasp an idea how far the application runs well for potential customers
  • Fixture of performance bugs that resulted in the crashing of the application
  • Re-tested the application after several necessary modifications in UX and performance
  • Demonstrated the final prototype software application


One of our clients from the logistics industry had come up with a requirement for Inclusion of a workflow method to see how successfully it stands out.


The challenge of integrating the prototype was heavily competitive and had a strict deadline. We helped them redesign the user interface keeping in mind the type of end users who would be using the app while driving. We incorporated large interfaces for easy selection and visual options to make it easier for the truckers to use the app. Using design thinking principles, we studied the current limitations and competitor analysis that helped us get a deep understanding of their business and technology to make the prototype more interactive.

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