Robotic Process

As organizations grow, there are many business processes including data entry, transaction processing and account maintenance that traditionally require human effort. These mundane and repetitive tasks can lead to human error and longer processing times than required. By leveraging smart business process automation (BPA), we can automate manual & error-prone tasks and increase turnaround times by reducing the human dependency factor. Further, labor effort can be redeployed on judgement-based tasks.

We help clients transform industry specific and functional processes to achieve intelligent digital solutions. Theses automated processes are designed based on business rules with built-in decision-making capabilities. Leveraging Business Process Re-engineering with AI and analytics, we can deliver rich business automation solutions at lower risk and cost.

Our typical RPA offerings include:

  • RPA consulting
  • Custom RPA deployment
  • RPA testing and implementation
  • Process integration

Enhance Business Automation
with RPA

Quosphere offers the complete business process automation solution with RPA which is capable of running and automating error-free business processes. Now you can automate your most complex business processes with bots including tasks that involve communication across multiple organizational environment.

  • Quality-driven platform – Automating business processes ensures that each and every process is carried out identically to derive quality results. It also includes business process as a service (BPaaS) for faster deployment.
  • Reduce delivery time and cost – The error-prone processes can be automated to reduce turnaround time and avoid human errors. Up to 47% cost savings based on Quosphere experience.
  • Reliable Systems – Automating business processes optimizes all processes in the organizational departments including billing, production, delivery, customer service, etc.
  • Improved Communication – RPA combines all members in the workflow under one common umbrella so that all the activities are automated in an effective manner. This improves the communication process internally.



Customer wanted to automate the procure-to-pay processes to fill the integration gaps.


Usually a lot of manual labor is involved in extracting invoices and payment information from multiple systems like CRM, ERP, logistics companies, banks, etc. We helped the client by augmenting human effort with RPA bots. This decreased the invoice cycle time significantly and there was a single source for all transactions.


Without the right technology, one of our clients faced issues in operations management.


We streamlined and automated the workflow rather than just digitizing it, which helped the client not only automate but reduce the number of steps required to process the transaction. Taking a hybrid approach of holistically looking at a process where human and digital workers work together, it allowed the client to optimize the process.


A leading IT company wanted to upgrade their HR systems to reduce human error and safeguard data.


By introducing a digital workforce which included human and bots, the company reduced manual paperwork and waiting times for employee on-boarding, payroll administration and leave management. With increased productivity, the HR department was able to perform additional activities and functions that were previously not performed or outsourced.

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