Voice - Driven

Quosphere’s voice-based analytics solutions let users interact with their data using artificial intelligence driven voice-driven commands to provide information in the form of charts, maps, etc. We help you uncover detailed insights improving customer satisfaction and driving operational efficiencies.

We are an award-winning technology solutions provider in the voice-driven analytics space, with profound knowledge in speech recognition, sentiment analysis, NLP & NLG. We offer intuitive custom-built dashboards and reports with our on the fly chart creation and speech-recognition capabilities.

What can voice-analytics
do for you?

  • Provides instant, meaningful insights readily in a business-friendly format
  • Using voice or text commands, get display charts and numbers on the fly if not present in the system
  • Get hands-free search and voice-recognition to reduce the typing time and in turn increase the speed
  • Ability to control dashboards or navigation with voice
  • Get precise results with direct phrase recognition and context aware recommendations
  • Real-time analytics – Takes time during reviews to get the information being discussed, requiring a follow up meeting
  • Integrate with multiple voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Cortana

Voice- Driven Analytics
Use Cases


Customer wanted a scalable solution to conduct reviews in a board room while doing reviews as corporate data wasn’t readily available.


Integrating with Voice was one of their requirements apart from the ability to build charts on the fly as per the requirements during the review. The same was achieved using AWS Lambda, Amazon Alexa and Qlik dashboards. We’ve even integrated the same with Google assistant and customer was able to save several follow up meetings to discuss information that was sought for right during the meeting from their corporate data set.

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